I Must Be Out of My Mind

I’ve been saying I am off to see the world. But in many ways, I suppose what I really want is for the world to see me.

Michael Badger  Screenwriter, Stand Up Comic, Poet and possibly the most foolish man alive (and wouldn’t have it any other way.)me

Join me as I attempt to hitchhike around the world from May 29th to July 27, 2016.  I hope this will be just one of many adventures in the years to come.

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”


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In 10 days, I will make an attempt to hitchhike around the world.

Maybe it is a mid-life crisis.  Maybe this wouldn’t be happening if I could afford a big, flashy, ridiculously expensive car.  But I can’t.  Or if I had girlfriend half my age.  But I don’t.  All I can say for sure is that it all started with a television.newtv

I had just turned 50 a few days earlier and I found myself wandering through the electronic section of Walmart trying to decide between the 55 inch Smart TV or the 60 inch 4K.  Once I attached my android box to the device, I started fantasizing about the endless streaming I was going to be able to subject myself to.  Orange is the New Black.  Game of Thrones.  Better Call Saul. Gotham. Doctor Who!!!!

“Why,” I thought, “I might never leave the house again.”

And it hit me.  I actually might not EVER leave the house.

I bolted away from the wall of screens and out of the store.  I didn’t even buy the socks I had initially gone in for. I felt like I’d escaped a self-imposed sentence of seclusion.

I go to work, I make money money I can’t spend and sit alone in an apartment binge watching the 1948 Superman serial because it is only a click away. (BTW: If anyone knows why Kirk Alyn never got a credit as Superman on the show, feel free to let me know.)

Allow me to be clear.  I really like my job.  I am a professional poker dealer in one of the best casinos in Canada.  I make a good living. I like the players, I enjoy the game and I love the people I work with. But the hours can be grueling.  I start work at 9pm and often don’t leave until 10am.  Having a social life is almost impossible and even the simplest gathering with two or more friends becomes an scheduling nightmare, often ending in everyone’s disappointment because let’s face it: It is hard to enjoy happy hour beer and wings when your friends are getting off work but you only woke up an hour earlier and really want coffee and plate of sausage & eggs.

I’ve been saying I am off to see the world.  But in many ways, I suppose what I really want is for the world to see me.  Not in a grand, Kardashianesque attention whore way.  But in the simplest way imaginable.  Just a man standing in one spot believing that the world is good and kind.  I hope that the journey will be exciting.  I am certain that it will be challenging and I’m sure that it will be funny.  What I am really looking forward too is the opportunity to meet the best people in the world.  What will make them the best is that they have no idea how great they are.  I hope they share their stories with me so that I can share some of them with you.

So in 10 days, I’ll step to edge of the on ramp, just outside of Calgary, Alberta, seeking an adventure in kindness.  An outstretched thumb on the side of the road and a simple sign reading “EAST! Around the World.”  A return to the lost art of hitchhiking. Remembering that the hitchhiker isn’t just asking for a lift but offering the opportunity to connect again with a bigger world.








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