You Can’t Take it With You

Or can you…?

Or can you…?

Here is a complete list of everything I have packed for my hitchhiking adventure beginning Monday, May 30th.

4 pairs of socks. 4 pairs of underwear. 6 shirts. 1 pair of jeans. 2 shorts. 1 sweater. 1 hat. Deodorant. Oral care. razors. Two rolls of toilet paper.Sleeping bag. Bed roll. 1 80 page note book. 7 pens. Go pro. Lap top. Phone. Two extra batteries.for each. One Digital voice recorder. 3 extra memory cards.

All packed and ready to go!

…and of course, one passport.

When I posted the list on my facebook page, my friend Rod Harvey asked the question I have often pondered….


I have some sick friends.  Fortunately, through the wonders of social media, I get to take them with me.



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